Case Studies

During my many years career in the business world I have encountered a variety of situations in which it was necessary to make improvements in the performance of the organization.In some cases, very significant and urgent improvements were needed to prevent further deterioration.

In every situation, improvement was achieved by application of the planning process included in the Business Planning Guide.The resulting Plan set the organization on a clear and well-understood path based on clearly written goals and objectives that took advantage of the strengths and core competencies identified.

The steps of the process that proved successful are included in the Business Planning Guide. The improved results were significant in terms of sales, profitability and market share. I have included a few real-life case studies that illustrate examples where the planning process was particularly effective:

Case Study 1

Restructured a newly acquired capital equipment distributor that was struggling for growth after several years of neglect. The implementation of the planning process resulted in an 8-fold increase in sales and profitability, and a 7-fold increase in market share. The company became a market leader.

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Case Study 2

Restructured a multi-plant consumer products company serving the building products industry. The Business Planning Process along with application of the Six-Sigma learn methodology resulted in significant cost reductions, and increased sales, profitability and cash flow.

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Case Study 3

Took over leadership of a newly-acquired entrepreneurial business specializing in industrial pumps, motors and valves that was rapidly losing sales to competition. The planning process was implemented as part of the post-acquisition integration and harmonization of the policies and procedures. Sales and profitability increased steadily. Subsequently, another competitive organization was acquired and the process was successfully repeated.

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Case Study 4

Led the turnaround of a business manufacturing and marketing heavy-duty industrial all-terrain transportation and drilling equipment that was struggling to survive. The business planning process was urgently implemented to avoid imminent bankruptcy. A financial crisis was averted and the business returned to consistent profitability and sales growth.

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Case Study 5

Led the renewal and restructuring of a business manufacturing and marketing heavy-duty on-highway and off-highway trucks. The business planning process was used successfully to reduce costs, improve quality and implement capital expansion projects that doubled production capacity.

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Maurice Marwood is a seasoned executive who has led and consulted with a variety of small and medium sized companies and organizations worldwide, primarily in the durable goods, consumer products and transportation industries.